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Using Low Capacity Power Supply!

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What if we use a low capacity power with our computer?

Of course, the answer to this question varies according to the system used. In general, when we run a low-capacity power on a system that needs high power, nothing may happen until our windows open. The most crucial point of the work is the fact that powera is loaded while our computer is loaded, while the computer is idle, the windows screen will consume a small amount of energy, while rendering or running games will have a real load on our computer.

The actual conversation starts here. When insufficient Powera load is loaded, the computer can reset itself or shut down completely. If it is forced more, power may explode. Yes, you did not hear it wrong because it happened to me. While I was doing the benchmark, my 500w power gave the explosion. For this reason, we strongly do not recommend the use of low-capacity powers.

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